Limited Edition Prints / Serenity Prints ARTIST PROOF EDITION SOLD OUT but regular edition available at QMX - see link below

" Framing them immediately " - Nathan Fillion 


If ever there was a vessel that merited the hyper-detailed Mullaney cross-section treatment, it has to be Firefly’s Serenity.

In association with QuantumMechanix – the official producer of Firefly & Serenity licensed collectibles – John has been given access to the original digital models & on-set photographs to produce these painstakingly detailed cutaway artworks of Serenity, her two shuttles and the Flying Mule. Three years in the making, these definitive artworks depict every conceivable detail a fan could wish for. Click on the links above to view the detail using the pan-and-zoom gallery tool, or view the video on the right to see John talk you through the production process behind the artworks.

The prints themselves have been designed by Serenity graphic designer Geoffrey Mandel and are available as a set of four extra-large, 32" x 24” full-color lithographs. For the die-hard Browncoat John is releasing 50 Special Edition Artist Proofs, which are personally signed by the illustrator with a tailored message on request. Click below to purchase and receive a free making-of document chronicling the evolution of these artworks.

This edition has now sold out , but you you can still get hold of regular non Artist Proof sets from QMX at:




Making The Awesome: The Serenity Architectural Cutaways

Three years in the making, the Serenity Architectural Cutaways were painstakingly crafted and documented with literally thousands of details on the construction and operation of the Firefly-Class Transport. This video explains exactly how these pieces came about.