Publishing Gallery / Science Fiction

In 1999 John was approached by Dorling Kindersley and Lucasbooks to be an illustrator on their world-famous Star Wars Incredible Cross Section series. Since then he has had his meticulously detailed work published in four of the series’ titles. Thanks to a close working relationship with DK and Lucasfilm’s licensing and art departments, each artwork was extensively researched and referenced for accuracy to the films before being finally approved by George Lucas himself.

He has since had further work published in DK’s Doctor Who Visual Dictionary and in their Batmobile Owner’s Manual and has also worked with Pixar/Disney Studios, producing cross-section work for the Blu-Ray release of Wall-E. In 2005 and 2006 John attended and exhibited work at Atlanta’s DragonCon - one of the world’s largest sci-fi conventions- at which he also performed to 4,000 people with his band Last Picture Show. It was at this event that John showcased his cross-section artwork of the Dropship from Jim Cameron’s Aliens, which was later manufactured as a limited edition giclee print ( since sold out ).

After three years development, John released the Serenity Architectural cutaways poster set. These lovingly crafted, intricately detailed artworks of the Firefly class transport were produced in conjunction with Quantum Mechanix and Universal studios and are a must have collectible for any fan of Joss Whedon's groundbreaking franchise.

In 2014 John produced a series of artworks about the Alien franchise for the publication Alien:The Weyland-Yutani Report by Insight Editions. A making-of film documenting the creative process behind the APC is available to view here and features an original soundtrack composed by John and recorded with Last Picture Show. Check out the 13 minute Special Edition which also features a digital art sequence and a gallery of all John's artworks featured in the book. This has now reached over 35,000 views on Youtube.

Most recently in 2017, John has completed work on a cutaways book for a major sci-fi property, collaborating with Hans Jenssen who first inspired John's love of hardware cross-sections.

Passionate about the genre, John welcomes commission enquiries, be they of sci-fi locations, vehicles or characters.

To see close ups of some of these artworks, please visit John's Facebook page.