April Fool!

Sorry. We almost wish it were true. But it just goes to show that, with the right approach, you can sell any idea, any concept or any service.
And that’s why we did this. It’s hard to get noticed in a crowded marketplace. But good website design, exemplary imagery and the right words really do make a difference.  

 This April fool was brought to you by: 


Christopher Lomas, Clear Comms, words

Christopher will help engage your audience with compelling content, not hard sell. There isn’t a B2B or B2C copywriting job he doesn’t do. From annual reports through newsletters and websites to a bit of viral marketing.

So why do businesses and charities choose him? Christopher is a Plain English award winner and tone of voice specialist. And that means his copy is always easy to read. It’ll speak to your clients in ways they’ll respond to. No hard sell required.


 John R. Mullaney, illustration

John is an experienced architectural illustrator working in both traditional and digital mediums. His work spans the everyday and the extraordinary. When property companies need an artist's impression of their new development, they turn to John. John's astonishing cutaway artworks have featured in several official Star Wars publications.

Whether you're looking for an artist's impression of the family home or of the Death Star, or an artwork of a loved one's favourite aircraft, talk to John.

Oh, and don't worry about the cost – he'll work out a way to work with any budget.


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